Lana Del Rey premieres new song “Mariners Apartment Complex”: Stream #

Lana Del Rey has officially released her new single, “Mariners Apartment Complex”, produced by Jack Antonoff. The track is also accompanied by a visual created by Del Rey’s sister, Chuck, which you can see below.

As previously noted, “Mariners Apartment Complex” is the first of two new songs from Del Rey. The second offering, “Venice Bitch”, is set to arrive next Tuesday, September 18th. Both serve as precursors to a new album, due out in 2019.

The follow-up to 2017’s Lust For Life is said to be produced by Antonoff (see photos below). Our 2017 Producer of the Year, Antonoff is fresh off high-profile projects with Lorde (Melodrama), St. Vincent (Masseduction), and Taylor Swift (Reputation).

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Recently, Del Rey postponed a scheduled concert in Tel Aviv, Israel, but “plans to return when she can both in both Israel and Palestine and treat all my fans equally.”

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