Frank Ocean serves Travis Scott with cease and desist over Astroworld track “Carousel”

Nicki Minaj isn’t the only one who’s pissed off about Travis Scott’s Astroworld. One of the smash No. 1 album’s contributors, Frank Ocean, has apparently been livid over his inclusion on the track “Carousel” from the start. Now, according to TMZ, the singer has filed a cease and desist with Scott’s team in an attempt to get the song removed from the record.

As sources tell TMZ, Ocean isn’t pleased with the way his vocals were altered on “Carousel”. There’s a lot of autotune during the chorus, and a helping of pitch correction on the final verse, though it’s not known exactly to which part the Blonde singer objects. (Either way, you can’t really blame him; Ocean’s been praised for having one of the best voices in modern R&B, so why bother messing with it with cheap studio tricks?)

Ocean voiced his displeasure before Astroworld was released, but to no avail. He wants his vocals taken out or the track removed completely, but as of now it doesn’t look like Scott is willing to budge. We’ll see if that changes now that the lawyers are involved.

Meanwhile, Scott has one of the most anticipated tours of the fall coming up, which includes his own Astroworld Festival in Houston come November. Ocean promised an exciting 2018 back in January, but so far all we’ve gotten is a few album cameos, a cover of “Moon River”, and the long-overdue physical copies of Endless.

from Consequence of Sound

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