Noname premieres debut album, Room 25: Stream

Noname has released her new album, Room 25. Stream it in full below via Apple Music or Spotify.

Room 25 spans 11 tracks and marks the follow-up to her Telefone mixtape, which we at Consequence of Sound crowned one of the best projects of 2016. The LP — which is being billed as her official full-length debut — also comes after a string of collaborations with the likes of Joseph Chilliams and Saba.

Both Saba and Smino are featured on the track “Ace”, while Ravyn Lenae guests on “Montego Bae”.

In a recent interview with FADER, the Chicago MC talked about the difference between the two self-released efforts. “Telefone was a very PG record because I was very PG. I just hadn’t had sex,” she explained. “I’m finally able to dance around with the idea of being vulgar in that way.”

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Additionally, Noname addressed some of the comments regarding her music being extra “conscious” and the antithesis of other female rapper’s:

“I feel like a lotta people are gonna be like ‘Ughhh.’ A lot of my fans…I think they like me because they think I’m the anti-Cardi B. I’m not. I’m just Fatimah,” she said. She also said she continues to see people tweeting her “like I’m this generation’s Lauryn Hill or I’m like the conscious version of different female rappers who don’t make the type of music that I make. … Maybe this project will show some of those people who think that I am this very, like, conscious female rapper that I’m just as regular and normal as everybody.”

Room 25 Artwork:

room 25 stream noname album Noname premieres debut album, Room 25: Stream

Room 25 Tracklist:
01. Self
02. Blaxploitation
03. Prayer Song (feat. Adam Ness)
04. Window (feat. Phoelix)
05. Don’t Forget About Me
06. Regal
07. Montego Bae (feat. Ravyn Lenae)
08. Ace (feat. Smino and Saba)
09. Part of Me (feat. Phoelix and Benjamin Earl Turner)
10. With You
11. no name (feat. Yaw and Adam Ness)

from Consequence of Sound

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