LCD Soundsystem tour dates alongside Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio

Photo by Philip Cosores

LCD Soundsystem have announced their first US headline dates of 2018.

The James Murphy-led outfit is scheduled to play the Greek Theatre in Berkeley on April 27th with support from TV on the Radio. May 3rd they’ll take the stage at the Santa Barbara Bowl, and the following day, May 4th, will see them performing at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles alongside Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a special guest TBA.

The new headlining dates come amidst various festival appearances and shows across Mexico, Australia, South America, and Europe, and are in continued support of one of the best albums of 2017, American Dream. The LP is also up for Best Alternative Album at the 2018 Grammys.

Consult the full itinerary below, and grab tickets here.

LCD Soundsystem 2018 Tour Dates:
01/25 – Aspen, CO @ Belly Up Aspen
01/26 – Aspen, CO @ Belly Up Aspen
01/27 – Aspen, CO @ Buttermilk Mountain (X Games Aspen)
02/12 – Mount Claremont, AU @ HBF Stadium
02/15 – Melbourne, AU @ Arts Centre Melbourne
02/16 – Sydney, AU @ Hordern Pavilion
02/21 – Brisbane, AU @ Riverstage
02/24 – Auckland, NZ @ Spark Arena
03/16-18 – Buenos Aires, AR @ Lollapalooza Argentina
03/16-18 – Santio, CL @ Lollapalooza Chile
03/20 – Buenos Aires, AR @ Teatro Vorterix
03/23-25 – Sao Paulo, BR @ Lollapalooza Brasil
03/24 – Bogota, CO @ Parque Deportivo 222
03/24-26 – Bogota, CO @ Estereo Picnic Festival
04/21 – Zapopan, MX @ Terraza Vallarta
04/23 – Mexico City, MX @ Pepsi Center WTC
04/27 – Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre *
05/03 – Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl
05/04 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl ^
05/25 – London, UK @ All Points East Festival
05/27 – Glasgow, UK @ SWG3 Galvanizers Yard
05/28 – Glasgow, UK @ SWG3 Galvanizers Yard
05/30 – Berlin, DE @ Tempodrom
05/31 – Kvaerndrum, DK @ Egeskov Castle
06/05 – Dublin, IE @ Malahide Castle
06/06 – Manchester, UK @ O2 Apollo Manchester
06/08 – Hilvarenbeek, NL @ Best Kept Secret Festival
06/09 – Luxembourg, LU @ Abbaye de Neumunster
06/13 – Ferrara, IT @ Ferrara Sotto le Stelle
06/14-16 – Barcelona, ES @ Sonar Festival
06/19 – Lisbon, PT @ Lisbon Coliseum
06/20 – Lisbon, PT @ Lisbon Coliseum

* = w/ TV on the Radio
^ = w/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs

unnamed 39 LCD Soundsystem tour dates alongside Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio

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Johanna Warren shares the Origins of her new single, “Hopelessness Has Done Nothing For Me”: Stream

Photo by ​Aubrey Gigandot

Origins is a recurring new music feature in which an artist charts the influence of their latest single.

There’s a lot that went into the making of Johanna Warren’s companion albums Gemini I and Gemini II. From a technical standpoint, each song on mirrors one on II, linked via a quirk of production or a repeated melody. Lyrically, the Portland singer-songwriter poured her very essence into the tracks, filling them with references to the occult and mysticism that are part of her every day existence.

Perhaps more than anything, though, it was a difficult three-year relationship that gave itself over to Warren’s songwriting. The latest single off Gemini II, “Hopelessness Has Done Nothing For Me”, expresses this at its most vulnerable. The track is slowly dizzying, as if Warren’s voice is Alice falling gently through the darkness of the minor guitar plucking. A piano anxiously haunts from the background, reminding you that love is never sure as Warren sings, “Now you’ve got a stranger in your home/ You could kick him out/ But then you would be alone.”

Take a listen below.

Gemini I was released in September of 2016, and now the pair will finally be complete when Gemini II drops on February 16th from Warren’s own Spirit House Records. Both albums will be available packaged together as a double LP that can be pre-ordered here.

For more on what influenced Warren to pen “Hopelessness Has Done Nothing For Me”, she’s broken down the Origins of the track. From Modest Mouse to choose your own adventure books, learn what led to the song above by reading below.

Old school Modest Mouse:

When people ask who my influences are I always forget to mention how formative those early Modest Mouse records were for me. A lot of the first songs I picked out on guitar were theirs, and I feel like their influence comes through pretty strong in the guitar line for this song, with the little string bends. Their guitar work was so vibey and strange and expressive, and they often hang out on one riff so it becomes a kind of drone to build on top of, which is usually how I write, too. Those were some truly weird and inspired records and I’m grateful they found me at such an impressionable age and totally shaped my brain.

The Parallel Universes/Many Worlds Hypothesis:

parallel universes Johanna Warren shares the Origins of her new single, Hopelessness Has Done Nothing For Me: Stream

“Turn back the clock/ See the time we lost/ Make a different choice and watch the whole picture change.” This line is kind of talking about the wobbly nonlinear quantum nature of Time as I’ve come to understand it, and our ability to play with it.

I dig the Many Worlds Theory, which proposes that basically any time there is a choice to be made, the Universe duplicates itself to accommodate the existence of all possible outcomes. Whether it’s true or not, I love thinking about how everything that could ever possibly happen is happening, has already happened and will continue to happen forever overlaid on top of itself in a holographic multiverse that’s always expanding. I find it oddly comforting.

One night when I was fourteen I was sitting on my roof and saw my whole life fan out in front of my eyes, like frames in a movie reel. It was like everything that was ever going to happen to me had already happened, and I could see it all right there, floating in the night sky. But the interesting part was, when I tried to zoom in and look more closely, every individual frame branched off in many directions, and that seemed to be about choice – the choices I was going to make. For instance, in this moment, here I am sitting in a chair. In the next frame of my life (the immediate future), I might raise my right hand, or I might raise my left hand. With this choice, the path of my life branches into two equally plausible alternate futures. Of course, I have much more than two options in this moment: I could stand up and throw my computer on the ground, or start dancing, or go get a snack. So we can visualize every moment as a single point, and every point splits into branching future lines based on our choices and the choices of those around us.

Ever since that night I’ve felt an understanding that the Universe is an infinitely expanding web of data where literally anything is possible, and we navigate this complex matrix with our minds, using the power of our free will. It’s like the ultimate “Choose Your Own Adventure” book…

“Choose Your Own Adventure” Books:

strangerthingstyperoom12 Johanna Warren shares the Origins of her new single, Hopelessness Has Done Nothing For Me: Stream

I was super into those things as a kid, and now they’re one of my favorite metaphors for life. In a Choose Your Own Adventure book, when you make a choice that leads to your doom, you can just flip back to the last page you were on and make the other choice. The real life equivalent, in my experience, is about slowing down your reaction time and recognizing patterns – noticing, even though the specifics of a situation might be different, “I’ve been here before,” hitting pause and revisiting the last time I was at a similar juncture, and reviewing: I made a choice back then – did I like the outcome of that choice? Instead of feeling frustrated about being stuck in some kind of pattern, I’m recognizing now that it’s a gift to be able to revisit these crossroads with the power to change the future by making a new choice.

Tich Nhat Hanh and “Deep Listening”:

“Learn that to hear is to have a voice” – that line was inspired by this interview between Oprah and Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh:

Oprah: I love this idea of deep listening, because often when someone comes to you and wants to vent, it’s so tempting to start giving advice. But if you allow the person just to let the feelings out, and then at another time come back with advice or comments, that person would experience a deeper healing. That’s what you’re saying.

Nhat Hanh: Yes. Deep listening helps us to recognize the existence of wrong perceptions in the other person and wrong perceptions in us. The other person has wrong perceptions about himself and about us. And we have wrong perceptions about ourselves and the other person. And that is the foundation for violence and conflict and war. The terrorists, they have the wrong perception. They believe that the other group is trying to destroy them as a religion, as a civilization. So they want to abolish us, to kill us before we can kill them. And the antiterrorist may think very much the same way—that these are terrorists and they are trying to eliminate us, so we have to eliminate them first. Both sides are motivated by fear, by anger, and by wrong perception. But wrong perceptions cannot be removed by guns and bombs. They should be removed by deep listening, compassionate listening, and loving space.

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Phoenix announce three-night Brooklyn Residency

Photo by ​David Brendan Hall

Phoenix toured North America heavily behind their fabulous Ti Amo last year, so it’s fair that they’re focusing 2018 on European and Asian concerts. US fans will still have a very unique opportunity to see the French outfit, though, as they’ve announced a three-night residency at New York’s Brooklyn Steel for July.

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Dubbed “Ti Amo NYC! A Very ‘Speciale’ Night with Phoenix”, the gigs will include surprise guests, gelato, and exclusive merchandise, as well as other goodies. Considering the indie pop favorites recently sold out NYC venues like Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center, seeing them at the 1,800-capacity BK Steel is relatively intimate, so the shows should definitely be “speciale.”

Tickets for the July 5th, 6th, and 7th shows go on sale January 26th at noon EST. Find the band’s complete upcoming itinerary below.

Phoenix 2018 Tour Dates:
01/25 – Rio De Janeiro, BR @ Circo Voador
01/27 – Belo Horizonte, BR @ Planeta Brasil
02/02 – Curitiba, BR @ Opera De Arame
02/03 – Porto Alegre, BR @ Planeta Atlantida
02/24 – Sydney, AU @ Sydney City Limits
02/26 – Melbourne, AU @ The Forum
02/28 – Brisbane, AU @ The Tivoli
03/03 – Auckland, NZ @ Auckland City Limits
03/04 – Los Angeles, CA @ Air + Style
03/20 – Milan, IT @ Fabrique
03/21 – Zurich, CH @ Volkshaus
03/22 – Brussels, BE @ Forest National
03/25 – Manchester, UK @ Academy
03/26 – Glasgow, UK @ Barrowland Ballroom
03/27 – Dublin, IE @ Olympia Theatre
04/23 – Tokyo, JP @ Toyosu Pit
04/24 – Tokyo, JP @ Toyosu Pit
04/26 – Osaka, JP @ Zepp Osaka Bayside
04/27 – Taipei, TW @ Legacy Max
05/25 – London, UK @ All Points East Festival
06/15 – Bergen, NO @ Bergenfest
06/16 – Oslo, NO @ Piknik I Parken
07/05 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
07/06 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
07/07 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
07/27-29 – Benidorm, ES @ Low Festival

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Mad Hawkes wishes she were a better person on new single “Fantasy”: Stream

10 Things… is a recurring new music feature in which an artist goes H.A.M. on a particular topic.

Just because Mad Hawkes grew up on the South Bay of Los Angeles, spending her days surfing and chilling in her old VW, doesn’t mean her life has been all sunshine and butterflies. The singer-songwriter has experienced her fair share of heartache and mistakes. Rather than hiding from it though, she embraces it in the lyrics of the beach pop style she’s dubbed “babe rock.” After all, what sort of confident woman would she be if she hid behind a mask of false emotions?

Instead, she professes ownership of her faults on tracks like “Fantasy”. The song shimmers with West Coast harmonies like stars just beginning to break through the early dusk light. Hammering keys and squashed bass lines give the track a funky edge, but it all only serves to give buoyancy to the self-deprecating lyricism. “Count on me/ I’ll tell you a story I wrote,” Mad Hawkes sings on the bridge. “Count on me/ To be the example of don’t.” Take a listen below.

“Fantasy” Single Artwork:

maddihawkesfinal Mad Hawkes wishes she were a better person on new single Fantasy: Stream

Mad Hawkes will put more of her babe rock on display tonight at The Satellite in Los Angeles. Ticketing info is here.

For more on the type of artists who’ve inspired her to create babe rock, Mad Hawkes has shared 10 Things she loves about badass women in music.

Etta James:

Etta James came into my life in high school. I had heard her sing before then, but her music really started resonating with me as a teen. It’s so romantic and heartbreaking. It intensified the teenage dreamland I was residing in. I sought comfort in her lyrics and music; I felt connected to something. I’ve always thought the song “I Just Wanna Make Love to You” was so special. Lyrically, Etta was embracing her role of being the domestic woman in the relationship, she drew power from it while still insisting ‘I just want to make love to you’. Nowadays it seems in society that a domesticated woman is a less powerful woman, but I disagree. I think us females are capable of it all. And this song makes that clear. We can cook your meals, wash your clothes, take care of ourselves and take you to bed all the same. Easy peasy.

Amy Winehouse:
I love Amy. Her music is so tragically blunt. It’s rare to come by the raw, upsetting honesty that she had. On top of being an unapologetic badass, her voice is alien. The coolest, most gut wrenching voice that you can feel it weaving itself in and out of your body. It’s scary and incredible how so much pain from one person’s life can bring so much solace to millions of others’. Her existence is sure to have saved and effected the lives of many. So many of her songs I hold dear to my heart, but the first one to strike me was “You Know I’m No Good”. It’s self-destructive and nonchalant. Like it’s happened before and was expected. It’s dangerous but doesn’t give a fuck. I’ve always thought that was so cool and relatable. Amy has been a huge part of who I am as a musician.

Gwen Stefani (No Doubt):
SO COOL. My mom used to listen to No Doubt when I was a kid. While all my friends were listening to Britney Spears and N’Sync (I took part, of course) my mom was blasting Gwen and I felt so cool and edgy for loving it. To me, at the time, the music was grimy and gritty and fast. And Gwen obviously didn’t care about anything, besides being rad. She was one of the boys, as was I, and I looked up to her badassery. She even dressed like a boy! Like a sexy midriff-flaunting boy. I secretly wanted to be her and it felt sinful, which only made it more appealing. I was probably eight years old at the time, so to me Gwen Stefani was a ground-breaking discovery compared to Raffi and The Spice Girls.

Debbie Harry:

What a babe. My mom introduced me to Blondie. There is something so mesmerizing about her. She’s stunning and calm, yet her lyrics are edgy and hard. Her voice digs its claws into you, but she’s so beautiful you’re not even mad about it. She’s perplexing to me, like disco’s evil twin (punk)… if that makes sense. So aloof and groovy until she attacks you with some lyric or harsh vocal. I love the song “Rip Her to Shreds”. It probably pissed some ladies off. Lyrics like, ‘Yeah, she looks like she washes with Comet/ Always looking to create a scene’ or ‘Oh you know her, Miss Groupie Supreme/ Yeah you know her, Vera Vogue on parade/ Come on she’s so dull, rip her to shreds”. Blondie gracefully ruffled feathers and stirred the pot. I admire that.

Karen O:
My friend Carly got me into Yeah Yeah Yeahs in high school. When I listened to Karen O sing I felt powerful. I was constantly looking for an escape as a teen and this band did it for me. My world felt so small for the longest time, that all I did was day dream about the possibilities for my future. Music made the world feel big. Karen O helped make my world feel possible. I didn’t know what she looked like for the longest time, but once I Youtube’d her… WHOA. What a crazy cool chick, she’s so bizarre and fascinating. All of a sudden weird felt cool and being an outcast felt right.

Missy Elliot:
There is nothing not awesome about Missy Elliot!!! In the era of Now Thats What I Call Music! CDs, there Missy appeared. In the late ’90s “Sock It 2 Me” was the coolest song everrr. My friends and I made up dances to her music on the regular. Having absolutely no idea what the lyrics were saying at the time, I was fully immersed in the tracks and her voice. Nowadays, I have a newfound appreciation for Missy. What a hard ass. Her lyrics are insane, there’s nothing that oozes ‘fuck you’ more than a Missy Elliot song. She says whatever she wants, always. She created a presence worth paying attention to. To me, she represents the strength it takes to make it in this industry.

Lady Gaga:

I haven’t always been a fan of Lady Gaga’s, but over the years I’ve gained a lot of respect for her. She has a massive dedication to her own vision and always commits to it, without faltering. Whatever look, sound or performance she is cultivating she’s all in and uncensored. It takes a lot of courage to be that extreme, because 10/10 times you’re being judged harshly and 10/10 times people are going to want to hate what you’re doing. It’s easier to hate on something new than confess you love it. When you really listen to her songs and pay attention to the lyrics you can appreciate her musicianship. She’s got a powerhouse of a voice and can write a mean melody.

Joan Jett:
“Crimson and Clover”, “Cherry Bomb”, “Bad Reputation” and “I Love Rock n’ Roll” were songs I heard over and over again as a kid that I assumed they were current. I had zero clue that these songs were ten plus years older than me. They felt so relevant and angsty. I love that shit. Punk hurts so good. Joan Jett’s voice (by the way I have to call her Joan Jett… it’s one word, Joan just doesn’t cover it) is so raw and punchy it physically makes me want to punch and shove. It makes my body boil with frustration while simultaneously giving me an outlet to express it. And that hair…

Sexpot. My respect for Madonna comes from a performer’s stand point. As a pop artist, she pushed boundaries like no other. Madonna is the epitome of the 80’s in my mind. She created a new realm of entertainment in that era, what with masturbating on stage and all that. That takes balls, figurative balls. I can only imagine the amount of controversy she rustled up in that time. Her music never struck me as much as her stage presence did. Madonna is sex. She wears that persona loud and proud. Sex never goes out of style, so neither will Madonna.

Dolly Parton:

OH MY….Dolly. No one has success like Dolly Parton’s without a tremendous amount of drive and persistence. She is so bubbly and feminine but you know she’s tough as hell, having managed to maintain a voice in this industry for over 50 years. I feel like if I met her I would all of a sudden have the answers. To everything. She’s remarkable. I love her flamboyancy, she just won’t let up. And nothing about it is phony, that’s just her. Not to mention what a songwriting machine she is. There is so much to look up to when it comes to Dolly Parton. Her genuineness is unquestionable, which is something I will always aspire to, both as a musician and a woman.

Extra Credit: Mick Jagger, Prince, Elton John, David Bowie

A couple other superstars that can’t go unmentioned. Who may or may not be women. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t even matter. So much talent!!!

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Alice Glass shares chaotic new song “CEASE AND DESIST” and video: Watch

Alice Glass announced her split from Crystal Castles in 2014, and last summer released her first solo EP. Now, she’s shared her first new piece of music of 2018, a tight, furious burst of catharsis called “CEASE AND DESIST” that clocks in at less than two minutes. Jupiter Keyes and Dreamcrusher contributed writing and production to the song.

“Promise me/ You’re never the victim/ You have to fight right now,” she screams throughout the track, recalling her decision last year to share accusations of sexual abuse and assault against former bandmate Ethan Kath. She writes in a statement:

This song is a call to arms for all survivors. But being a survivor often means feeling afraid, it means sometimes feeling worthless, like you can’t go on. We need to fight back against those who have victimized us and against the feelings that tell us to give up inside. Sometimes we think we deserve the pain others have inflicted on us. This song is what I need to tell myself to get through each day, and what I hope other survivors can remember when they feel like they can’t make it through the darkness of their own recovery. Every day is a fight.

Glass has also shared a suitably gonzo video for the track directed by Lindsey Nico Mann and Dan Streit. Watch it above.

In response to Glass’ accusations, Kath (né Claudio Palmieri) filed a defamation lawsuit against her. In response, Glass has said she’d be willing to lay out her allegations under oath. Toronto police are allegedly investigating Kath for multiple sex crimes.

Below, watch Glass’ video for EP single “Forgiveness”.




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St. Vincent covers Sleater-Kinney’s “Modern Girl”: Watch

St. Vincent is currently amidst her MASSEDUCTION tour, one of the most anticipated of the year. While backstage prepping for one of her shows recently, Annie Clark unfurled a cover of Sleater-Kinney’s “Modern Girl”, off their 2005 album, The Woods.

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“Such a great song,” Clark wrote in the caption of the Instagram video of the cover. Hers was a faithful take on the original, soft and acoustic. Watch it down below.

Instagram Photo

In the lead-up to MASSEDUCTION’s release, both Clark and Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein teamed up for a series of unusual interviews. Clark also appeared on Portlandia alongside Brownstein a number of times.

In related news, Brownstein’s memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, will soon be adapted by Hulu. Sleater-Kinney are “very slowly” working on a new record, the follow-up to the 2015 comeback album, No Cities to Love.

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Britney Spears announces Piece of Me summer tour

For the last four years, Britney Spears has held a residency at Las Vegas’ The AXIS in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. There, the pop icon’s “Britney: Piece of Me” show has broken records and found itself named both Best Bachelorette Party and Best Bachelor Party by readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal. Come this summer, soon-to-be-weds won’t have to travel to Nevada to catch the show, however, as Spears is taking “Piece of Me” on the road for the first and last time.

Spears has announced an East Coast and European tour of her Vegas spectacular, set for July and August of this year. The limited engagement is being billed as “the last time anybody will see the show,” insinuating that she’ll retire “Piece of Me” after this short run.

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Before it goes away, though, the production will head to Washington, DC; Atlantic City; New York; and Hollywood, Florida. The EU leg will include multiple stops in the UK (London, Glasgow, Manchester) as well as dates in Berlin, Germany; Oslo, Norway; and Antwerp, Belgium. Find the complete schedule below.

Britney Spears “Piece of Me” 2018 Tour Dates:
07/12 – Washington, DC @ MGM National Harbor
07/13 – Washington, DC @ MGM National Harbor
07/15 – Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun
07/17 – Bethlehem, PA @ Sands Bethlehem Events Center
07/19 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Borgata
07/20 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Borgata
07/23 – New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall
07/24 – New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall
07/27 – Hollywood, FL @ Hard Rock
07/28 – Hollywood, FL @ Hard Rock
07/29 – Hollywood, FL @ Hard Rock
08/4 – Brighton, UK @ Brighton Pride
08/6 – Berlin, DE @ Mercedes Benz Arena
08/8 – Skanderborg, DK @ Smukfest
08/10 – Oslo, NO @ Telenor Arena
08/11 – Sandviken, SE @ Goransson Arena
08/13 – Monchengladbach, DE @ Sparkassenpark
08/15 – Antwerp, BE @ Sportspaleis
08/17 – Scarborough, UK @ Open Air Theatre
08/18 – Manchester, UK @ Manchester Arena
08/20 – Dublin, IE @ 3Arena
08/22 – Glasgow, UK @ SSE Hydro
08/24 – London, UK @ O2 Arena

For a taste of what the “Piece of Me” show will bring the all these cities, watch a fan-shot, fan-edited compilation below.

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The Anti-Stress Tool I’ve Used For 20 Years (and a Giveaway)

Primal_Calm_inlineI haven’t talked much about stress this month, and I don’t want to give it short shrift. Yes, there’s a lot to take apart with food and exercise, both of which can feel more “actionable” at times. But stress can be a major roadblock to success. How we deal with emotional and physical stress will invariably impact our health, well-being and performance. Until we dial it in, we’ll compromise the results of all our other Primal efforts.

I’ve said in the past that stress has been one of the hardest aspects I’ve struggled with—and continue to now and then. Living Primally means I’m running on full rather than empty to be sure, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world always conforms to logic or sanity, let alone my preferences. And emotional tension aside, I like to push myself periodically in the gym or on an outdoor adventure, which means I’m dealing with physical stressors, too.

Here’s one thing I’ve done for twenty years to counter both emotional and physical stress.

Recently, I sat down with Brad Kearns to talk about one of the best kept secrets in performance nutrition—a potent anti-stress agent called Phosphatidylserine (PS).

PS is the lead ingredient in Primal Calm, a custom formulation that has been proven to help blunt the spike of cortisol in the bloodstream in response to stress. Old time endurance athletes like Brad and I have been using PS for over 20 years to help speed recovery from crazy training binges, but PS and the supportive ingredients in Primal Calm are also effective against routine modern life stressors like jet travel, hectic daily routines, compromised sleep, and so on.

We talk in the video about the physiology of stress and the best ways to use PS or Primal Calm—with more specific recommendations for bouts of heavy stress or training.

The goal isn’t to blunt the edge that can sharpen your focus or performance. It’s to achieve an evenness or, in some cases, a mellowness rather than the amped-up fight or flight response. I could easily write more, but check out my talk with Brad, and let me know what you think.

Now For the Giveaway…

320_Primal_CalmI don’t think I give enough attention to Primal Calm on the blog, but today I’m going big. I’d like to give one random commenter a year’s supply of Primal Calm (12 bottles).

Just tell me what questions you have about stress—emotional stress, training related stress, etc.—or what stress-related topics you’d like me to write about on MDA.

Be sure to comment before midnight tonight (1/23/18 PST) to be eligible to win. (And be sure to use a functional email address when you comment. We’ve had to choose alternate winners on a few occasions this month because emails were undeliverable to the listed addresses.)

Thanks for stopping by today, everybody. Take care.

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New Orleans Jazz Festival: Jack White, David Byrne, Beck, Sting lead stacked 2018 lineup

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival has announced its 2018 lineup. Over 500 acts will perform across 12 stages during the festival’s two weekends (April 27th-29th and May 3rd-6th).

Among the highlights: Jack White, David Byrne, Beck, Lionel Richie, Sturgill Simpson, Sheryl Crow, Cage the Elephant, Common, Khalid, Big Freedia, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Leslie Odom Jr., Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Hiss Golden Messenger,

Also playing are: Aerosmith, Sting, Aretha Franklin, Jimmy Buffett, Jack Johnson, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Miller Band, Buddy Guy, Anita Baker, Smokey Robinson, Juanes, Charlie Wilson, George Benson, Aaron Neville, Lyle Lovett, Toots & The Maytals, Jon Batiste with The Dap-Kings, Blind Boys of Alabama, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Lucas Nelson & Promise of the Real, Tanks and the Bangas, Calexico, and more.

Tickets are now on sale through the festival’s website or via Stubhub.

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First Aid Kit perform “It’s a Shame” on Ellen: Watch

Ellen DeGeneres may be most associated with fun dance music thanks to her famous penchant for booty shaking, but the daytime host appreciates a good honeysuckle voice when she hears one. That’s why she considers First Aid Kit one of her “favorite bands” and said they have “two of the most beautiful voices in music” when she welcomed them onto her show today.

(Read: Track By Track: First Aid Kit break down their new album, Ruins)

The Swedish singers supported their new album, Ruins, with a performance of the single “It’s a Shame”. Check out the replay up above. You can also catch them out on the road this year, including a full North American tour and festival appearances at Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Down the Rabbit Hole. Find their complete itinerary here.

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